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Merry Christmas 2017!

      Here's a little gift for the family and friends of Olea Gem and Gilbert White Sr. Gil loved "technology" (such as it was way back then). In the late 1950s, 8mm home movies became a bit of a rage. So Gil invested in a camera and got much personal enjoyment from filming home movies between 1958 and 1981. The main subjects of his little films were his lovely wife Olea Gem Keith, his daughter Betty Jean (husband Don Hill), his son Gilbert Jr (wife Maxine Farr), his grandchildren, and sometimes a great-grandchild or two. For more than fifty years, the films sat in a box in a closet at Gilbert and Maxine's home. They were deteriorating badly, becoming faded, blurry, and brittle, soon to be lost forever.

      Earlier this year, grandson Wayd suggested that the reels of film be digitized and restored to save them permanently as a family keepsake. Wayd and Vicki retrieved the box of films, bought a vintage projector, and used their knowhow to transfer the films to digital video. They then sent the raw  footage to Dru and Maeva where they did some visual restoration, color enhancement, and added titles and music (sorry, no audio back then). Finally, they edited them into short 2-minute clips for convenient viewing. The restored videos have now been placed on this website ( for everyone to view and share.

      During the process of restoration, we had to approximate most dates (based on the apparent ages of children), and also had to guess at the identity of some individuals. If you discover errors, please let us know, and we'll do what we can to correct them. We hope you enjoy this precious memento of our heritage. And Happy Holidays to everyone!

Wayd & Vicki White
Dru & Maeva White


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1. Gem's Lovely Flower Garden
Frank, Greg, Don, Olea Gem, Betty Jean, Holly
2. Logging Truck Fishing Trip
Chipmunks, Grandpa's Shadow, Big Fish, Gilbert Sr
3. Dinosaur Rider Road Trip
Gilbert Sr, Mr Buck Head, Gilbert "Robin Hood" Jr
4. Fish Finds Autumn Leaves
A Fish, His Boat & Car, Some Colorful Leaves
5. Whiskey Bottle Spillway
Betty Jean, Frank, Gilbert Sr, Rod, Olea, Greg, Rhett, Betsy

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6. Here Fishy Fishy
Olea, Rodney, Gilbert Sr & the Strawberry Boat
7. Sleepy Deer & Penny the Pup
Calli, Olea, Gilbert Sr, Rodney
8. Redneck Trailer Boys
Greg, Frank, Rod, Gilbert Sr, Gilbert Jr, Wayd, Dru, Rhett, Wyn, Calli & Codi (a glimpse)
9. Time Flies Like An Arrow
Gilbert Sr, Wyn, Gilbert Jr, Dru, Rhett
10. Lovely Summer Flowers
Greg, Frank, Betty Jean, Olea

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11. The Hyper Kids Strike Again
Codi, Wyn, Calli, Dru, Greg, Rhett, Frank, Wayd, Olea, Rod
12. Dinah Lives Here
Olea, Don, Betty Jean, Rod, Greg, Frank, Baby Holly 
13. Make That Spare
Olea, Gilbert Sr, Gilbert Jr 
14. Jingle Bells Full House
Gilbert Jr, Frank, Greg, Rhett, Dru, Calli, Codi, Holly, Betty Jean, Shae, Olea, Wyn, Janice, Rod, Lynn & Walt, Don 
  15. California Adventure
Gilbert Sr, Olea, with Ivy & Vaughn 

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16. Christmas 1967 * Part I *
Calli, Olea, Wayd, Codi, Rhett, Maxine, Dru, Shae, Gilbert Jr, Wyn 
17. Christmas 1967 * Part II *
Betty Jean, Holly, Frank, Greg, Olea, Don 
18. Christmas 1967 * Part III *
Holly, Codi, Rhett, Calli, Frank, Don, Wayd, Rod, Dru, Betty Jean, Maxine, Gilbert Jr, Olea, Wyn 
19. Christmas 1969 * Part I *
Codi, Olea, Wayd, Shae, Dru, Wyn, Rhett, Gilbert Jr, Calli, Maxine 
20. Christmas 1969 * Part II *
Shae, Holly, Frank, Greg, Olea, Calli, Betty Jean, Maxine, Wyn, Codi, Rhett 

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21. Christmas 1972 * Part I *
Olea, Janalee, Holly, Wayd, Jenifer, Betty Jean, Frank, Janice, Rod, Rhett, Codi 
22. Christmas 1972 * Part II *
Jenifer, Calli, Frank, Shae, Don, Maxine, Gilbert Jr, Janice, Holly, Codi, Wyn, Garth, Olea
23. Christmas 1973
Holly, Betty Jean, Olea, Frank, Don, Rod, Janice, Wyn, Doug Gibby, Gilbert Jr, Wayd, Dru, Codi, Janalee, Calli, Maxine 
24. Pink Pig Parade
Jenifer, Janalee & Other Beauty Queens 
25. Christmas 1974 * Part I *
Georgette, Lula, Wyn, Olea, Calli, Maxine, Gilbert Sr, Dru, Codi, Halvan, Darrell, Clela 

PAGE 26-30 

26. Christmas 1974 * Part II *
Gilbert Sr, Frank, Don, Betty Jean, Holly, Olea, Nancy, Janalee, Jenifer, Janice 
27. Christmas 1976
Nancy, Cami, Quinette, Shae, Wyn, Calli, Georgette, Maxine, Olea, Dru, Wayd, Codi, Betty Jean, Holly 
28. Christmas 1978 * Part I *
Betty Jean, Olea, Ryan, Janice, Janalee, Carrie, Rhett, Wyn, John, Calli, Georgette, Gilbert Sr, Jairus, Quinette, Shae, Gilbert Jr, Maxine, Bremond, Shanna, Wayd
29. Christmas 1978 * Part II *
Greg, Janice, Rod, Gilbert Sr, Nancy, Kelly, Janalee, Cami, Jenifer, Holly, Betty Jean, Olea, Rustin 
30. Family Stars Parade * Part I *
Maxine & Other Beauty Queens 

PAGE 31-35 

31. Family Stars Parade *Part II *
Kathy, Maxine, Wayd & Other Famous Stars 
32. Christmas 1980
Ryan, Quinette, Codi, Rhett, Jairus, Aimee, Maxine, Shae, Gilbert Sr, Carrie, Georgette, Dru, Calli, Gilbert Jr, John 
33. Christmas 1981
Betina, Calli, Jairus, Ryan, Quinette, Bremond, Rhett, Maxine, Georgette, LeBeau, Wyn, Cherilee, Carrie, Codi, Wanda, Shae, John, Ian, Aimee 
34. Christmas 1970
Bessie, Olea, Betty Jean, Frank, Greg, Holly, Jesse, Gilbert Jr, Rhett, Calli, Rod, Wayd, Janice, Shae, Don, Wyn, Dru, Alesia, Maxine, Lynn, Ivan 
35. Wily Easter Bunny
Calli, Codi, Rhett, Wyn, Rod, Olea, Dru, Gilbert Jr, Shae, Greg, Frank, Betty Jean, Wayd, Don 

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36. Waiting for the Parade
Holly, Wyn, Calli, Wayd, Dru, Kevin, Bowdi, Greg, Rhett, Kim, Wyatt, Frank, Codi, Betty Jean, Clela, Darrell, Olea, Maxine 
37. Bambi Plays Possum
Rod, Holly, Betty Jean, Frank, Don, Bambi, Nicky, The Slippery Fish 
38. The Speeding Photographer
Olea, Wayd, Calli, Wyn, Codi, Rhett, Gilbert Jr 
39. Something Fishy Going On
Gilbert Sr, Rod, Olea 
40. The Forest Nymph
Olea Gem White 

PAGE 41-45 

41. The Amazing Garden Queen
Olea, Vaughn, Ivy, Bessie 
42. Strawberry Adventures
Holly, Rod, Ivy, Vaughn, Olea, Frank 
43. Sarah Webb White
Sarah, David, Rod, Betty Jean, Holly, Rhett, Maxine, Don & Other Relatives 
44. William Jairus Keith Sr
Grandpa Keith, Olea, Lucille, Amelia Edwards 
45. Give A Hoot Parade
Janice, Janalee, Jenifer, Rustin, Nancy, Kelly, Cami, Greg 

PAGE 46-50 

46. Christmas 1979 * Part I *
Olea, Calli, Georgette, Gilbert Jr, Maxine, Bremond, Wyn, Shae, Aimee, Dru, Don, Wayd, Shanna, Wanda, Nancy, Gifford, Holly, Cami 
47. Christmas 1979 * Part II *
Shae, Carrie, Olea, Betty Jean, Wayd, Shanna, Quinette, Jairus, Gilbert Sr, Greg, Cami, Gilbert Jr, Maxine, Georgette, Bremond, Ryan, Rhett, Kelly, Gilbert Sr 
48. Happy Moments Together
Betty Jean, Codi, Janice, Rod, Shae, Frank, Calli, Don, Olea, Holly, Wayd, Dru, Greg 
49. Hangin' With The Twins
Calli & Codi 
50. Red Round Treasure Chest
Olea, Frank, Wyn, Greg, Rhett, Dru 

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51. Hi Ho Silver
Betty Jean, Holly, Olea, Greg, Rod, Gilbert Sr 
52. Christmas 1964
Codi, Wayd, Calli, Wyn, Dru, Rhett, Rod, Olea, Gilbert Jr, Frank, Betty Jean, Greg, Maxine, Shae, Holly 
53. Christmas 1965
Gilbert Sr, Olea, Maxine, Wyn, Dru, Larry Bjarnson, Greg, Codi, Frank, Rhett, Calli, Wayd, Betty Jean, Gilbert Jr, Don 
54. Christmas 1966 * Part I *
Shae, Rhett, Wayd, Maxine, Codi, Dru, Gilbert Jr, Wyn, Calli, Olea 
55. Christmas 1966 * Part II *
Frank, Betty Jean, Holly, Olea, Greg, Gilbert Sr, Don 

PAGE 56-60 

56. Christmas 1963 * Part I *
Olea, Dru, Wyn, Codi, Calli, Rhett, Gilbert Jr, Wayd 
57. Christmas 1963 * Part II *
Codi, Dru, Rhett, Wayd, Maxine, Wyn, Calli, Gilbert Jr, Holly, Betty Jean, Frank, Greg, Rod
58. Christmas 1963 * Part III *
Frank, Holly, Olea, Greg, Rod 
59. Christmas 1962 * Part I *
Maxine, Wayd, Calli, Wyn, Olea, Don, Codi, Holly, Gilbert Jr, Dru, Greg, Rhett, Frank, Betty Jean, Rod 
60. Christmas 1962 * Part II *
Greg, Dru, Betty Jean, Olea, Holly, Wyn, Wayd, Rhett, Calli, Codi, Frank, Betty Jean, Don 

PAGE 61-65 

61. Christmas 1960 * Part I *
Frank, Greg, Betty Jean, Don, Rod, Olea 
62. Christmas 1960 * Part II *
Wyn, Codi, Calli, Frank, Greg, Dru, Olea, Maxine, Gilbert Jr, Rhett, Sarah Webb White 
63. The Old Barnyard
Rod, Wyn, Gilbert Jr, Cow, Calf, Pig, Betsy 
64. Chilly Day Warm Hearts
Wyn, Rhett, Dru, Olea, Gilbert Jr 
65. Wrapping Gifts 1959
Olea, Wyn, Rhett, Dru 

PAGE 66-67 

66. Glimpses Of Long Ago
Gilbert White Sr 1907-1983 
67. A Few Photo Memories
Gilbert Sr, Olea, Betty Jean, Gilbert Jr & Other Family Members